We are The Canon Workshops

What does it mean to revise your syllabus with a revisionist decolonizing anti-racist approach? How do we deconstruct the meaning of “the canon” and include the missing voices?

How do we create and facilitate decolonized spaces that are both antiracist and anticolonialist? How do we rethink teaching theatre courses and creating curricula that are inclusive?

How do we restructure theatre learning spaces and fight white supremacy culture?

These are some of the questions our workshops explore as well as looking inward and examining our own identity, bias, and how white supremacy culture shows up in our daily practice. Our workshops also include actionable anti-racist & decolonizing pedagogy strategies that interrogate diversity, equity and inclusion. We also suggest ways of redesigning your season selection, as well as your theatre units/lessons with activities that are culturally inclusive, and relevant, while engaging in meaningful discourse to deconstruct current theatre pedagogical practices. Post workshop, we can also provide reading lists and how to incorporate them into our curricula and syllabi.

Geared towards these types of Theatre Classes Advisement/Coaching/Mentoring for Acting, Dramaturgy, Directing, Playwriting, & Theatre History.

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General Costs

Each workshop cost covers pre-planning and design catered to the needs of the organization or university. This is the cost for one facilitator, if two facilitators are present, cost doubles. Each will get paid separately. These costs do not include flight or hotel accommodations.

Universities & Organizations Acquiring our Services

Actor’s Studio Drama Studio/Pace (MFA)

Appalachian State University


DePaul University

Penn State

The College of New Jersey – TCNJ

University of Cincinnati

Individual Coaching with professors at:

UC Berkeley University

Penn State

Columbus State University Pomona College

UC Fullerton University

Quotes from our workshop participants:

I highly recommend this class with the fabulous Karl O’Brian Williams & Daphnie Sicre!!! It was absolutely amazing!! Thank you for the opportunity to learn and for sharing your endless wisdom!

Ken Urso – Director of Professional Development, and Acting and Directing Faculty MFA Program: Actors Studio Drama School

This has just been the best training, so as you start today just wanted to affirm how wonderful you are doing and how impactful it is holistically. I’m so full of self doubt facing screens and the semester and just wanted to send you love and thanks and props. Thank you!

Matt Foss / Associate Professor – Department of Theatre and Film (University of Toledo)

Thank YOU so much for the opportunity and community you created with this workshop and thank you for sharing your scholarship and artistry with the resources you’ve compiled. Thank you especially for your work as BIPOC artists and scholars leading change everyday and during the mental and emotional exhaustion that is 2020.

Spencer M. Potter / Assistant Professor of Theatre, Chair | Westminster Theatre Department

Thank you for an excellent, informative, and hope-filled workshop. I very much appreciate you and your team’s care and diligence to help us continue our work towards anti-racist campuses.

April Beiswenger /Director of Theatre Studies -St. Norbert College De Pere, WI

Thank you both for a really wonderful and illuminating workshop. I have been spending a lot of time this past few months either preparing for teaching my class (Stage Management) remotely, or dealing with the students, faculty and staff of our department trying to cope with remote learning and a remote fall. Add to that the time and energy that must be spent in this time to make the anti-racist choices that need to be made, for myself, my classes, and the department. What your workshop did for me was to focus it all and show me some real pathways towards using what I am learning in practice. I thank you for that. I wish there were 3 more days, or more to discuss, listen and learn with you and the others that were in the sessions.

Meredith Greenburg / Chair | Production Manager / California State University, Los Angeles

Thank you so so much Daphnie and for your inspiring workshop.

Ursula Meyer / Head of Graduate Acting / UCSD Department of Theatre and Dance

Thank you so much for all of this. Thank you for organizing this. It is a lot of information.

I am so glad that I am being introduced to methodologies and writers and considerations. Things that I never had before, and notions that I need to interrogate for all of my students. Thank you so much for giving us all the space and opportunity and materials to dive into this work of changing what and how we teach. I hope you all are well and I look forward to our continued conversations and partnership.

Rachel Shapiro Cooper / Director of Theatre Arts Maplewood NJ